The goal of this project is to build a versatile wireless networking testbed to be used for research and education by the academic community and for product development/testing by individuals from industry and defense-related institutions. The proposed Wireless Networking Testbed and Emulator (WiNeTestEr) will (i) accurately emulate the behavior of large-scale wireless networks in multiple licensed and unlicensed bands, (ii) allow users to configure and control the emulated wireless environment (e.g., rural, urban, office) in which experiments are conducted, (iii) provide repeatability for experimental results, (iv) emulate node mobility, (v) support multi-antenna (MIMO) operation, (vi) support cognitive, wideband radios, and (vii) provide an easy-to-use interface for remotely running wireless experiments over the Internet.


The testbed is intended for use by various academic research groups to conduct large-scale wireless networking experiments. Students in networking, hardware, and software classes will also use the testbed for their course projects. Wireless equipment vendors and service providers have already expressed interest in using WiNeTestEr. Thus, this testbed will be successful in fostering mutually beneficial partnerships between academia and industry. Since only an Internet connection is needed to use WiNeTestEr, the user base is virtually unlimited. Furthermore, the testbed is likely to become a standard platform for researchers to test and report performance of their wireless hardware and protocols.